Pix4Dmatic Licença Anual
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    Pix4Dmatic Licença Anual

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    Accurate, fast drone mapping on a new scale
    PIX4Dmatic is designed to work with the latest generation of drones for professional applications and transforms your large number of images into accurate point clouds, DSMs and orthomosaics.

    Bigger datasets, accurate results
    PIX4Dmatic processes thousands of images while maintaining survey-grade accuracy, halving the processing time, without the trouble of splitting and merging.

    Fully automated processing
    Developed in close-collaboration with surveyors and mapping professionals to streamline your workflow: import, process and assess the quality of a project in just a few clicks, and move seamlessly from PIX4Dmatic to PIX4Dsurvey.

    Terrestrial workflow
    Leverage the benefits of both photogrammetry and LiDAR technology. Process LiDAR and RGB image outputs from PIX4Dcatch for a full terrestrial workflow. Easy and desktop-based.


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