DJI Matrice 30 Worry-Free Basic Combo
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      DJI Matrice 30 Worry-Free Basic Combo

      Delivery Time in 7 - 15 Days
      DJI Matrice 30 Worry-Free Basic Combo
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      Package includes M30 drone, DJI RC Plus, TB30 batteries x2, BS30 Intelligent Charging Station, and a hard travel case.

      Up to two paid replacements can be offered within one year after the product is activated. In addiction, it also comes with 1 standard maintenance service.

      Zoom Camera
      - 48 MP
      - 5x-16x Optical Zoom

      Wide Camera
      - 12 MP
      - 1/2"" CMOS Sensor

      Laser Rangefinder
      - Range: 3 m - 1200 m
      - Accuracy: ±(0.2m+D×0.15%) [1]

      Powerful Flight Performance
      - 41-min Max Flight Time[2]
      - 15 m/s Wind Resistance[3]
      - 7000 m Service Ceiling[4]
      - 25 m/s Max Speed

      Advanced Intelligence
      - Smart Inspection
      - Smart Low-Light Photo
      - Low-Light FPV Camera

      Revolutionary Flight Experience
      - DJI RC Plus with IP54 Protection
      - Redesign Pilot 2 Flight App
      - 6 Hr On-Screen Time[7]
      - 4 Antenna OcuSync 3 Enterprise[5]

      DJI Dock[8]
      - IP54 Protection
      - 35°C ~ 50°C Temp. Operating Range
      - 25-Min Fast Charge[9]
      - 7 km[10] Operation Radius
      - DJI Cloud API

      Safe and Reliable
      - IP55 Protection
      - -20°C ~ 50°C Temp. Operating Range
      - 6 Directional Sensing & Positioning
      - Quad-Antenna OcuSync 3 Enterprise
      + DJI Cellular[5]
      - AirSense ADS-B Receiver[6]

      DJI FlightHub 2
      - 2.5D Base Map and Cloud Mapping
      - Low Latency Live Streaming
      - Live Annotations
      - Cross-device Compatibility

      1. Where D indicates the distance from the vertical reflective surface.
      2. Measured at 36 km/h uniform speed in a windless environment.
      3. Takeoff and landing can withstand wind speeds up to 12 m/s.
      4. The service ceiling of 7000 m is achievable with high altitude propellers.
      5. Quad-antenna design includes two transmitting and four receiving antennas. DJI Cellular
      module is not available in some regions. Please consult your local dealer for details.
      6. Integrated ADS-B receiver gives alerts of nearby aircrafts and helicopters.
      7. DJI RC Plus internal battery works in conjunction with its hot-swappable external battery.
      8. Only the M30 Series (Dock Version) can be used with DJI Dock.
      9. 25 minutes to charge the drone from 10 to 90%.
      10. Measured in clear environments without transmission or signal interference.


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