DJI Care Refresh 2-Year (DJI Avata)
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      DJI Care Refresh 2-Year (DJI Avata)

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      DJI Care Refresh offers three replacements in two years, including two chances to use Flyaway Coverage.
      When it comes to accidents like water damage, collisions, or missing aircraft, you can have your product replaced for a small additional cost.
      For DJI Mini 3 Pro, the first DJI Care Refresh replacement fee is 55€, the second replacement is 59€, and the third replacement fee is 65€.
      If you use the replacement available for Flyaway Coverage, the replacement fee will be 205€.

      DJI Care Refresh Flyaway Coverage covers situations where aircraft go missing during flight, allowing you to enjoy worry-free flights.
      * To make sure that your aircraft can enjoy the flyaway replacement service, please bind your DJI account and the remote controller with the aircraft in advance in the app.
      The flyaway replacement service cannot be used if the account or remote controller was unbounded before the flyaway occurred.

      1. DJI Care Refresh can be bound to a previously purchased DJI aircraft when it meets one of the following criteria:
      · Brand new and un-activated aircraft;
      · Aircraft activated within the last 48 hours.

      If you buy the DJI Care Refresh after purchasing the DJI product see in this video how to proceed:

      2. DJI Care Refresh are only eligible in the region where it was purchased. To ensure that you can enjoy the service normally, DJI Care Refresh and the corresponding product must be purchased from the same country or region.

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