HPRC Mala de Transporte para DJI Ronin-S
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      HPRC Mala de Transporte para DJI Ronin-S

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      HPRC Carrying Case for DJI Ronin-S

      - General description:

      Waterproof Rigid Carrying Case, based on the HPRC2500 series, is specifically built to conveniently transport the DJI RONIN S. It has a pre-cut high density foam interior that secures the gimbal and the rest of the interior. allows you to transport it safely. The case is impact, drop and corrosion resistant, and features a neoprene seal that, when closed properly, keeps the case waterproof.

      - Dimensions:

      Internal dimensions 450 x 323 x 175 (mm)
      External dimensions 478 x 390 x 194 (mm)

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