DJI OM5 Athens Gray
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      DJI OM5 Athens Gray

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      DJI OM 5

      practical design
      – Integrated extension cable
      – Foldable
      – Compact

      Smart & Intuitive
      – ActiveTrack 4.0
      – Triaxial stabilization

      Ease of creation
      – ShotGuides
      – Timelapse
      - Slow motion

      – Support for mobile phone with DJI OM auxiliary light (Purchased separately)

      Stabilizer Dimensions
      Unfolded: 264.5x111.1x92.3mm
      Folded: 174.7x74.6x37mm

      Maximum length of the built-in extender cable: 215mm
      Weight of compatible mobile phones: 170 to 290g
      Thickness of compatible mobile phones: 6.9 to 10mm
      Width of compatible mobile phones: 67 to 84mm

      Capacity: 1000 mAh
      Runtime: 6.4 hours (under ideal conditions, with the stabilizer fully balanced)
      Charging time: 1.5 hours (with 10W charger)

      Other features
      Application: DJI Mimo
      Wireless module: Bluetooth 5.0

      In the box
      1x DJI OM 5
      1x Carrying Bag
      1x tripod
      1x charge cable
      1x wrist strap
      1x Magnetic Ring Holder
      1x Magnetic Phone Clamp

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